Happy Holidays!

Gosh, I miss writing in this blog!

Since December came,  I haven’t had any free time on weekends. The first weekend of December was spent with our small group’s Christmas party in Nuvali. The second week was spent with Singles@Work and Juan 1n Chr1st joint-Christmas party. This last Sunday was spent with the Yolanda survivors in Villamor Airbase. Two more Christmas parties to go and I’m done for this season.

And I’ll be going home on the 25th. I wasn’t supposed to, as the project said before that no vacation leaves will be approve this holidays, which I decided to take a 7-day leave last October. But they kind of changed their mind, so I bought a plane ticket to Bacolod on the 25th as my lead told me I can work from home. And then they changed their mind again to no work from home, so I was forced to take a 4-day vacation leave, which leaves me 4 days of VL next year. Boohoo! And now, they changed their mind again, they agreed to work from home, but my Mom already made plans, so vacation leave it is.

I’m writing nonesense today, so please bear with me. I now have braces which looks really cute. I look like a high school kid or something. I also have new eyelash extensions which looks really cool!

That’s it. 🙂 Happy holidays, everyone! Be sure to spend it wonderful people.

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