It’s red. It’s itchy. It’s swelling.

My hands and the soles of my feet are red, swollen and very itchy. It’s soooo itchy I feel like it’s gonna burn!

This started last Sunday with only a few red spots on the side of my thumb and when I got home in the evening, I started taking anti-histamine. The next morning, my hands were swollen and red and very very itchy. I went to the office not being able to move my hand, stretch it nor fold it as it was very painful. On Tuesday, I decided to take a sick leave and went to see the doctor.

I was very hesitant as this happened to me a long time ago, probably back in high school, and the doctor didn’t say anything – no diagnosis whatsoever and my Mom kept on asking what I have eaten when she definitely knows I am not allergic to any food. So she insisted that my PH-level was low for some reason and I scoffed as I thought Ph-level was supposed to be down there, but what she actually meant was my immune system.

Anyway, so I went to see the doctor and again, no diagnosis. She only gave me prescriptions which are Prednisone (immune system booster, at the same time removes itchiness, swells and inflammation), Claritin (anti-histamine) and Ponstan (anti-pain), and she also made me buy a hand cleanser and Clobetasol Cream, and the two latter stuffs were really expensive. I could have opted for a cheaper one which are not HER products. Pffft.


My hands were burning inside and I couldn’t sleep very well. The anti-histamine is not helping making me fall asleep. Once, I slept at 5AM and I was stopping myself from scratching my hand and feet. I know for sure, it wasn’t an allergy or fungi. I tried googling it, but no diagnosis are made. The nearest disease I got is eczema which appears for no reason and eventually disappears and the only thing a person can do is drink anti-histamines or anti-itch stuffs and keep a healthy immune system.

As of now, the itch has minimized, the redness and swelling are gone, but there are still red spots on my hands and feet and I can still feel the roughness when touched. I have stopped drinking Prednisone, I still have 4 left, and continued putting on the Clobetasol cream and drinking anti-histamines. I’m also eating a lot of healthy foods and I’m avoiding chicken, eggs and anything seafoods nowadays.

Next year, I’m planning to get an executive check-up just to check everything in my body so that I can prevent whatever I need to prevent in an early time. I promise to have a healthy lifestyle on 2014.

By the way, if you are also suffering from this sort of itching in hands, kindly let me know what are your ways to minimize the burning and itching sensations. Thanks!




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