Almost Ending

My ten-day vacation is almost coming to an end, I have two more days left before going back to Manila and leaving the province. God only knows when I can come back, I do hope I can spend New Year with the fambam.

This vacation allows me to spend time with my family, friends and to give service to Mom, most especially. I’ve been driving around doing errands for her and I do not mind as I am spending quite a lot of days in Bacolod. This also allowed me to finish the book that I’ve been reading, “Captivating” and update the stories I’ve written in Wattpad.

Sometimes, I’m thinking of quitting my job and just become a writer – a script writer. I want to learn how to write scripts for movies, for TV series, etc. I’ll probably have a hard time getting to where I want, but I think it’ll be worth it. Imagine the pride you’ll be having when a hit movie or tv series are shown in the screens which you wrote.

But I guess that isn’t how life works. My mother won’t probably allow me and I don’t have the courage to leave my job yet and the salary I get. Yet at the same time, this is the best thing to do as I don’t have any obligations to the family yet. I think I’ll pray about this and really ask God what He wants me to do in my life.

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