7 Ways to Spend Rainy Nights

I love rain, except for days when I have activities that need Mr. Sunshine, but for most part, I love rain, always, always. Rain gives me this gloomy mood, not the bad kind of gloomy, but more of a melancholic gloomy mood.

I could have just said melancholy, right? Yes, it makes me dive into memories, scrolling endlessly on my Pictures folder. It makes me think about life, like what do I dream becoming of? It makes me ponder about love and how it went wrong and how will God reveal to me the right one. And most of the times, it makes me take a good long shower, with candles all over the bath room and a soft piano music playing around. It just makes me feel like a woman worthy to be taken serious of.

Read below to see how I spend my rainy nights.

1. Listen to Lite Favorites in Tunein Radio

Please do tell me that you have Tunein Radio, it’s probably one of my most loved app in Blackberry. If you have not downloaded it yet, please do and add to favorites Lite Favorites. They really has good, not-so-loud music which is best listening to while raining. It soothes your lively soul and makes you nostalgic to songs that you’ve been belting out to when you were younger such as Quit Playing Games (with my Heart) by Backstreet Boys. Or if it isn’t raining, and the sound of rain keeps you calm and in peace, try rainymood.com where they play the beautiful sound of the rain with your favorite song.

2. Watch TV while lying in our super comfy couch

I was able to go home early today as there’s an anticipation of a storm in Metro Manila, and I actually went in early so I could leave early for my GLC class, but then traffic was really bad and it was raining and I don’t want to get stranded or anything so we decided to go directly home. I was lying on the couch waiting for our delivery dinner and I happen to catch up with Glee’s tribute to Cory Monteith. I was actually curious how they would end things up for Finn in Glee so I kind of stick up till the last minute when Mr. Schue finally broke down, but I kind of realized as well that they wouldn’t say why or how Finn ended up. If you are a Gleek, you wouldn’t want to hear anything regarding that anyway, so why bother. The episode reminded me the first few episodes of Glee when they were starting out. Well, it was nice to watch some tv shows while lying on our comfy couch with my fave pillow on my side. It was warm and felt so homey.

3. Delivery foods or home-cooked spicy soup

We go for delivery foods as we don’t have time to cook. We are tiiiiiired girls. Today is actually pay day, Friday and rainy day. When this three all drops in one day, it’s awful – traffic, no cash on ATMs and you won’t get home all dry unless you have a chance to successfully hail a cab. So we went for delivery foods and we do not have enough cash. We had to choose something from the menu that would only sum up to all the coins and some bills we’ve had. We then cooked some hotdogs to fill us up. Sad story, I know. But if you have a home, where a Mom or a cook awaits you, go for a really hot and tasty soup. That’d warm you up and rainy nights also mean family night. When I was still living with Mom, rainy nights meant having dinner together with wonderful foods on the table, and staying longer on the dining table throwing jokes and ‘howwasyourweekordaywent’ answers.

4. Play online games versus the sibling

I don’t care if my little brother is better than me in playing Dota, but I like it when he laughs at me and when he thinks he’s really better than me… at least in some way. I just love it whenever we spend some good times together, reminds me he’s a really nice boy. Teehee. Most of the time, not really though. Rainy nights and black out nights are actually our chances to bond together.

5. Take a hot shower with candles all over

Hot showers are the best. I light up our scented candles and I turn on my phone’s radio to piano music and I just stay at the bath room for at least an hour, thinking, singing, making up plots for my next stories, or realizing how God has been good to me for the past few days, like every day is a renewal of His mercies and blessings.

6. Looking out the window trying to smell the air

I know, weird. But if you’re living in some grassy place, it smells really nice. It smells nature. And since I’m living in a condo unit, all I smell is the car’s tire all over the parking lot. I can smell something else though, not gross okay. I guess somehow pollution have not sucked up through Metro Manila yet, well not 100% YET.

7. Read some Chelsea Fagan articles in ThoughtCatalog.com

Sorry, but when I’m feeling down or nostalgic or weird, I search for Chelsea Fagan’s 162 pages of article choices and I just love how she convey things to words… moving and out of this world verbose prowess. She gets to me. When I read her articles, I feel like I’m the one writing it, with better words, better grammars, and better literary skills. She’s my person. 

I know the above stuffs are way normal and you’ve probably done this quite a few times. Guess I ain’t that weird yet. There are just some that I’ve been doing and will maybe post some few things that I want to do when it rains. If you have better ideas, please do share. I appreciate weird ways to spend rainy nights. *wink

2 Comments Add yours

  1. How bout… just looking at the rain, feeling the rhythm of the drops as they fall, and being thankful in your heart. * smiles*

    1. Kim Um says:

      Awww, missed the days when I was younger and would play under the rain – carefree and happy. 🙂 Thanks!

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