“Forgive yourself.”

Have you ever had those thoughts that makes you wince whenever it pops through your mind? It may be memories from the past, moments that you don’t even want to think, moreover relive. And the more it pops out of nowhere, you begin to ask yourself what in the world were you thinking to have done that? Everyone may know it, but most probably nobody knows it except you. You can’t keep having those thoughts. You can’t keep asking yourself why. You can’t keep shutting it out of your mind. You can’t keep running forever. There must come a time that you just need to let go of it, to stop asking yourself why and trying to come up the right reasons for your past actions. To stop thinking of what-ifs and maybes. To stop blaming your weakness, poor decisions and careless mistakes. To start forgiving yourself as much as the good Lord forgives you. Forgive yourself.  For all the bad things you’ve done. For all the wrong feelings you’ve felt. For all the delinquent ideas you’ve thought. For all the evil in you and start appreciating the good. Just let go and let the wound heal, without even trying covering it up. Let it heal on its own, it’s been too long. You’ve endured enough. 

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