A Pat on the Back

Sometimes, I feel so good about accomplishing something that I just want to tell myself, “Good job!” and give myself a pat on the back and reward myself something nice, either by eating somewhere fancy or buying some cute clothes or shoes. I’m really proud of myself this week that I was able to complete a task based solely on what I know and learn. For a moment there, I was so anxious and worried and even talked to the Lord about it, but He was always always telling me to just trust in Him no matter what. I stopped worrying and started trusting and I have finished my week, with all systems working and ready for next week’s activity. I’m just really glad, and I just really want to share this with ya’ll. Sometimes, you just have to give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. It doesn’t have to come from other people, it’s about you, realizing that you have finished something you can take pride of from your learnings and experience. It’s about you, feeling good about what you are doing in your life.

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