Korean Ice Cream, my pick-me-upper

My work includes being paged out in my deep slumber to do some fixes, and some times, I stay up till the wee hours of the morning. But it seldom happens when I am the on-call standby which is why this weekend was one of the most tiring support week I’ve had so far – except for doing reclass (but that’s another story). 

I went out of the office early last Friday to attend my GLC class. As I was sitting in my class, I had to open my laptop and wait for confirmation from my colleagues about the deployment I was gonna do at 4AM of Saturday morning. Initially, the original plan was that I was supposed to implement the changes on a Sunday morning but I had to request to move it to Saturday since I was gonna go to church on Sunday and I wanted to sleep Saturday off. (I’ll get to the ice cream part, promise.) 

Things didn’t go as planned. At 12 midnight, while eating dinner outside, our house mate called up and informed us that all the condo buildings in our area had a blackout. An electric fuse had burst out and electricity shut down. WHAT. YOU DONT SAY THAT. I HAVE AN IMPLEMENTATION AT 4AM. So we have thought of checking in to a hotel and I would do my work from there. Well, that was the plan. We’d go home, get our stuffs and check in to a hotel. 

Upon arriving, I checked out my email and received a letter that there was network issues in regards to my work. Everything was just not cooperating. I could not connect to our network, and even when everything was “fixed”, it wasn’t still stable and I had to ask the boss to move the deployment the next day, much to my dismay, but it was the safest and rightest thing to do. Black out in my building which may cause my laptop to shutdown and I won’t be able to finish my task, intermittent connectivity with our network, everything was just risky and uncooperative. 

At almost 3AM, we finally decided to move the implementation and the big boss agreed. I slept in only to find out that our batches were not running due to dependencies and nobody paged me out of what was happening. So I had to call another colleague and ask what’s happening and he explained. Delays, delays, delays. I had to monitor and send out hourly updates and stayed in. House arrest. 

I was so bored that we had to buy ice cream downstairs from this Chinese small store and we were happy that they sell Korean ice creams! To cool off my mind from all the “pissed off” moment, we bought this ice cream in a tube that we see in Korean dramas. And we just got hooked! Seriously. We call it “icekendi” in the Philippines!



I had to stay up till 5AM in the morning, so I have not slept more than 8hours today as I woke up at 9AM to check on my work again. I then had to shower and go to our DGroup meeting and attend service in the afternoon. And I had my laptop all the time with me! It was heavy and I felt tired as of this writing. I had another Korean ice cream and I feel a lot better. Maybe tomorrow I’m going to get myself a massage and sleep early. Or I wait until I’m done with my support schedule. 

I still have a lot to be thankful though. At least I only have to keep an eye on the batches, not actually do anything or fix anything or have an issue that we can’t figure out. Now that I think about it, there wasn’t much to be pissed off to, just the process of how things were handled. But who am I to say? 

Anyway, if you have a Korean store near your place, try to take a peek and get this kind of ice cream! It’s really delicious, my pick-me-upper for this week! And the reason for my sore throat. Ahhhh.

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