Dumb Ways to Die

No, this isn’t the top ten countdown of pretty stupid ways to end your life, but instead, this is a smart phone game which I just recently discovered – yes, I’m like so 2000 and late! But they said, better late than nevah huh?

According to Mr. Wikipedia, Dumb Ways to Die is a campaign by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to promote rail safety. Why, isn’t that a wise way to announce something? I’m all smiles right here. Anyways, I just started playing a few hours ago and I find it actually entertaining and the characters are annoyingly cute! They remind me the characters from The Adventure Time, one example is Jake the Dog.

Some examples of dumb ways to die are one, piranhas picking on your private parts; two, wasps flying on your face; three, standing in the railstation beyond the yellow line and four, giving hotdog sandwich to a snake. Well, those are just some of the ways. There’s a lot more and I will be discovering them in the next few days. Eggzoiiteed! *u*


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