Hello, Support Week! May you behave!

Just as soon as I saw the smart phone and laptop on my desk, I knew  then that it is my turn.. support week again! And before I take on my job, I really pray about it – that everything’s gonna be fine, that there will be no error/issues/breaches etc. I just really lift it up to God because He’s the only one who controls everything and there’s nothing that I can ask that He can’t do, unless it is not in line with His plans for me.

So here I am once again, preparing myself for the issues ahead, for the sleepless nights and for the unlimited charging of the smartphone. I actually hate the charging part. The 4G’s annoyingly draining the phone’s battery out and I just reeeeally hate it. I’d rather go back to the call and text only phone. After this, there’s one more important activity and then hello Masskara Festival in Bacolod! Can’t wait to see the folks again~

There’s so much to be happy about and as what my colleagues say, don’t stress yourself over the batch. Do not even preempt.

Okay, I won’t. I will have a good night sleep and I won’t forget not to sleep too much on my right side as my neck really hurts now from last night’s sleep. Good night, ya’ll!

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