9 Little Things that Make me Happy

When I was in school a few years back, I thought what would make me really happy are the things that I was planning to buy when I get my pay every month. I listed it all down before, beside my 50 things that I should do in life before I die list. But then, as I go through the days as a career lady, I realized, the things that I took for granted when I was in college, are the very things that I treasure now.

1. A good sleep

I always look forward to Friday nights because the next day is the weekend and I don’t have work.. which means I can sleep straightly and deeply without my alarm ringing like there’s fire all over the place. I can sleep late and wake up the next day at around 1PM and eat lunch and dinner at almost the same time in the restaurants just outside the condo building. I know oversleeping is bad, but my body had never any problem with oversleeping. And I take every chance I can get to sleep especially that my job requires me wake up in the middle of the night till the wee hours of the morning which makes me sleepless for quite some days.

2. A complete 3 sets of meal in a day

Yes – breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s my lucky day when I get to eat 3 days a meal. I would be even more lucky if we have enough time to cook breakfast and dinner.. if we could eat “real” foods and not the ones we buy nor cook out of the recipe’s simplicity. There are days when I just miss my Mom’s cooking or I get so nostalgic when I hear people that the foods they bring to the office are home-cooked by their mothers. The taste is just so much different from fastfood meals.. just different. I’m always grateful when I eat whatever food is in the table whenever I get to go home in the province and with my mom and younger brother on the table eating with me. Ahhh, life.

3. Tweak my blog

WordPress isn’t really my kind of blog. I have a hard time customizing it unlike blogspot and tumblr before. I can edit the html code and put everything in between. I can even make my own theme or layout. Thing with WordPress though is that there’s a line between POSTS and PAGES which other blogsites do not offer, albeit the layout is boring.  Whenever I edit or change the look of my blog, I reserve a time so I can really sit down and explore WordPress the best way I could. I take pride whenever I see my blog neat and organized. Teehee.

4. Catching up with good friends over a cup of coffee or a movie

But the best way to enjoy a cup of coffee is to share with friends you haven’t seen nor talked for the longest time. I like catching up with old friends. I like how the familiarity and reconnection that happens between inside jokes, highs school stories, past flames, merciless teachers and all things past tense. At the end of the day, it’s nice to say, “It’s been good to see you. Just like old times.” And a smile creeps into both of your faces.

5. Draw/Paint

Sometimes, I get too bored from staring at my laptop and tv screens that I just want to throw a bucket of paint at the apartment’s wall. But that’s not allowed so I’m going to buy a sketchbook and some watercolor just to hype me up again to all things artsy.

6. Take a shower more than an hour

Can you do 5-minute shower? I can! Sadly, I have to. An at least on hour shower with lavender scented candles and classical music would send me to heaven.

7. Go home early and watch TV

To actually catch my fave TV shows is a bliss! Barely happens.

8. Read a good book

I know everything is so techy now and we barely pick up a book with less than 600 pages because we all have these ebooks, ereaders, kindle etc. And to actually have time to pick up one, read and just take everything in it all in is a treasure. I’m currently reading Captivating by John and Staci Eldredge and I am just moved as a woman.

9. A 9-gag photo

Sorry, my happiness level is so low, anything from 9-gag can make me laugh except green and racism jokes. I don’t actually visit their site as I have a big feeling I may stay there and just scroll down till the wee hours of the morning. The only place I see those funny photos are in my Facebook Newsfeeed and these funny and witty people who have created those or thought about those are just really awesome!

So tell me, what are your little things? What are your pick-me-uppers? Do share!

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