If I was that girl..

Sometimes I wonder, what if I wasn’t me?

What if I was this girl you knew so well?

We could have gone to classes together and I would borrow your notes or make you teach me the complexity of two simple letters, x and y. You could have bought me coffee on a rainy afternoon and we could have listened to the same music while looking out the window wishing the rain would never stop and time would. We could have talked for hours never running out of topics to discuss about and I would agree and you wouldn’t and we would argue and then laugh about it. I could have always been supportive of your craft and you’d be same to mine. We could have drove off somewhere and sang Phil Collins’ songs at the top of our lungs and you could have laughed at my out-of-tune vocal prowess. We could have taken cute photos individually or together and post it in our social networking sites. We could have chosen to print it and never post it at all. I could have agreed on that shirt you’re wearing and told you you’re cute and you could have argued with me for wearing skimpy shorts that you don’t like. We could have eaten dinner with your family and the next day with my family and our families would like us for each other. You could have looked at me all day with longing, with love, with joy and I could have given you that privilege – you alone and no one else. And as you were enticed, I could have looked at you and offered you my genuine smile hoping you know that you are the only person I offer sweet smiles to.

If I was that girl, could I have had a chance with you?

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  1. Stifany says:

    dalum dalum ba…haha…

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