{MUST-HAVE} September

Ohhh, for the love of brown! It’s September and I just wanted to post my simple must-haves for this month. These are items that you can find anywhere and buy at low prices.


1. The infamous loose white shirt.

I definitely have a thing with white shirts, white blouses, white dresses, you get the picture. It’s neat and fresh. I’d like to assume that everyone has a plain white shirt, you better get one if you still don’t have it in your closet!

2. The brown short

You can use this anywhere – from hiking, to malling, to a dinner with fambam, and even to a Friday night with your pals. It’s a laid back kind of style.

3. The brown flats

Tory Burch flats are really comfortable. I don’t own one though but a good friend of mine does and she loves using it everywhere! It’s comfy and you can pair it with just anything, may it be jeans, skirt, shorts, dresses etc.

4. The big leather bag

I am sooooo dying to have one! I saw bags like these from Charles and Keith and I just want to have them by the end of this month! Again, it gives off a laid-back kind of style when paired with the items above.

5. The scarf

Remember that year when scarves were just everywhere?! When everyone was so into it? Yes, even though Philippines is a tropical country where it’s always sunny, and if not, humid, people have learned to love wearing scarves amidst the heat. It gives an oomph in your simple white shirt, it gives a different aura. It makes you look expensive while keeping the whole “I am laidback” persona.

6. The braided bracelet

Just to add up in the whole “brown” palette wardrobe. I love these. I only know few people who can pull this off and make the bracelet look really cool. The kind of cool where you just want to have the same one!

There ya go. I’m not really the kind of person who’s into flashy outfits so you probably won’t see me in really loud colors, or printed outfit H to T (though I love wearing printed florals), nor high heels. This is exactly my type of clothes and my must have for September!

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  1. Stifany says:

    sa christmas a… haha

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