Silver Linings

When I got back to work from my long weekend in Bacolod, I received a very good news in regards to my career. I was so happy, I couldn’t thank God and everyone enough. Last March 2012, I blogged about my anxiety and fear of not getting into Accenture. (Read here) Till now, I can clearly remember how emotional I got when I heard my name called by the HR. I prayed to the Lord that if this was really for me, I’ll get in without difficulty until the year I get promoted.


(Look how happy I was)

When I passed the exam, I prayed that I will pass the interview. When I passed the interview, I prayed that I’ll get to sign my actual contract. When I signed my actual contract, I prayed that I will be able to start right on time specified on my start date. When I started my first day, I prayed that I’ll get pass through the boot camp. When I did pass the boot camp, I prayed that I get assigned in a good project. I actually got assigned to the project I feared most. When I was assigned to the project, I prayed that He’ll help me finish my tasks everyday. When I was able to finish my tasks, I prayed for favor and promotion. When I was praying for promotion, I was also praying for my heart – to have the right motives and to always be willing to submit in His plans.

Now that I think and look back, God has been really faithful answering my prayers and never once did He turn His ears away from me. I feel so blessed and thankful to have a Father who can give everything.


I personally think this isn’t about me. This isn’t about me extending hours in work, working even on the weekends, or escalating properly potential risks and issues, or making technical designs, or enhancing scripts, or making batch schedules, but this is about God’s grace and overflowing love. This is about His promise to me and I couldn’t be thankful enough!

See below the writeup  Do Your Best by Dr. Woodrow Kroll. This was sent to me by Pepay.

Esther 6:2-3

“And it was found written that Mordecai had told of Bigthana and Teresh, two of the king’s eunuchs, the doorkeepers who had sought to lay hands on King Ahasuerus. Then the king said, ‘What honor or dignity has been bestowed on Mordecai for this?’ And the king’s servants who attended him said, ‘Nothing has been done for him.'”

Do Your Best

Several years ago, a crew of men was working on the road bed of a railroad when they were interrupted by a slow-moving train. The train stopped and a window in the last car–which was custom-made and air-conditioned–was raised. A friendly voice called out, “Dave, is that you?” Dave Anderson, the crew chief, called back, “Sure is, Jim. It’s good to see you.” With that pleasant exchange, Dave was invited to join Jim Murphy, the president of the railroad, for a visit.

After the train pulled out, Dave’s crew surrounded him and expressed astonishment that he knew Mr. Murphy as a personal friend. Dave then explained that many years earlier he and Jim had started to work for the railroad on the same day. One man half jokingly asked Dave why he was still working out in the hot sun and Jim Murphy was now president. Wistfully Dave explained, “Twenty-three years ago I went to work for $1.75 an hour and Jim Murphy went to work for the railroad.”

In the same way, when Mordecai became a court official, he went to work for the king, not just to draw a salary. His goal was not financial gain but to do the best job he possibly could. It was only natural, then, that when he discovered a plot on the king’s life, he immediately reported it. He was loyal to the king and was only doing his job well.

Is your commitment to the paycheck or to the job? Are you fulfilling your duties to the best of your ability, or are you simply concerned about what you receive in return? Take your cue from Mordecai. Ask God to show you how you can honor Him through your employment.

When you take care of your job, God will take care of the paycheck.

I know there are people who are disappointed with their paychecks, maybe including me a first because I was expecting a different calculation, but I’d like to take this concern to the Lord.

There are days when I rant and temptations to bang my head on the hard wooden desk, but I have never thought of going to work every waking day for the sake of salary. I wanted to go to work because I enjoy being around the people I work with, I like catering to requests, and I want to honor God by accepting what He gave me. It’s like, I asked God for this, and He gave it to me. So how can I be ungrateful?

Tonight, I will be contented of what I have and what I receive. I will not be concerned about other’s paychecks. I will do my job to the max of my potential so that the people who believed in my ability will not be disappointed and regret the decision and effort they exerted for me to have this position.

Thank you to my leads who have been very patient and molded me to who I am now in my career level. Thank you to my colleagues who were always there to guide and share their knowledge. To my Mom who does not call because she wanted me to focus on work, lol. To my dear sisters in Christ who understands when I open the laptop and receive calls in the middle of a prayer during dgroup sessions and gives me advices when I am on the verge of cracking up. And to my dear Father who isn’t only a good provider but who also has immeasurable power that gave His only Son and make you ask what else can He not give to me, thank You! All praises and honor to the mighty God.

And now that I am promoted, I’ll pray that He will reveal His purpose to me as to why I am here doing the job that I do and not on some place else.

The coming days will be tough, given that I will have serious responsibilities, but I believe that God will deliver me. I always put into heart the quote that I’ve read from one of our user’s signature, “The will of the Lord will not take you where His grace will not protect you”. I just pray that this opportunity will mold my character for His perfect plans.

Congratulations to the promotes! 🙂

And we are confident that he hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases him. And since we know he hears us when we make our requests, we also know that he will give us what we ask for. – 1 John 5:14-15

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  1. Stifany says:

    Praise God! 🙂 nice one kimi! 🙂

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