Gu Family Book Personal Comments

If you haven’t watched Gu Family Book/Love Story of Kangchi yet, do not read further. But if you have and you share the same sentiments, go ahead and read. No hate babe.

I am just so annoyed and disappointed with the way they ended it. I’ve patiently watched all the 24 episodes and slept at 4am for the past four days and that was what I got? Seriously, this wasn’t the way I expected a good Korean drama to end. Gu Family Book has a good background story, hero and setup. Why end it in 2013? Why wait 422 years? They could have ended it right then and there with Kangchi turning into human because he defeated fate and made his own!


I know the ending only means there is a sequel, and I have nothing against that since I will have more opportunity to watch Lee Seung Gi, but really, you just had to end it that way with questions unanswered, events unresolved and the ultimate bad guy not having the right to die painfully just the same way the people he killed did. How will they explain it in the future? Will Gwan Joong also reincarnate in the future? Will he still be the evil one? Arrrggghh! So here are some things they missed out.

1.) Kangchi and Evil Father should have fought.

Wol Ryung became a thousand evil demon and the only way he will be stopped is when his son kills him. But his son wasn’t able to because he turned into the good father he once was and it’s because Seo Hwa (mom) killed herself. I mean seriously? They could have fought and Kangchi could have defeated his father and his father could have realized how evil he was and how much his son became a good hero and he could have been proud of that.

2.) The four masters, Lee Sun Shin and Kangchi should have cleared Lord Park’s reputation.

They left this out, seriously. They really did. It wasn’t explained how they did, but instead of keeping Gwan Joong in the prison, they could have tortured him (I know, brutal) and made him cleared everyone’s reputation, including the past (Seo Hwa’s family). But instead of thinking him do that, they kept him in a prison only to die with a glass of Chihon wine. After all he’s done to everyone, that’s how simple he’s gonna die? They kept the villain waaaayyy too long. He was a mere human and you have a powerful gumiho and evil father on your side. Lol!

3.) Chong Ju should have became a head gisaeng and made a difference in the society.

I like Chong Ju’s character. She wasn’t a pushover but had ways to get even with the girls who were bullying her around. She could have ended up well and great in the drama. She could have changed the nation’s opinion about gisaengs because she was strong like that. She just rocked it, she could have been almost the same as Hwang Jini.

4.) Yeo Wool should have not died.

WHAT IS THE POINT OF HAVING THIS STORY IF HER FATE WAS THE SAME AS SHE WAS TOLD AND NO DIFFERENCE FROM SEO HWA’S AMIDST ACCEPTANCE OF KANGCHI’S MONSTROUS SIDE? SERIOUSLY? I DEMAND AN EXPLANATION. Yeo Wool was a strong girl. She was not weak and she accepted Kangchi when everyone was uncomfortable of knowing him as half-gumiho and half-human. But Yeo Wool was always there and she was never afraid of the future even though she was warned that she will die. She could have ended up alive if say, her faith in Kangchi made him able to heal Yeo Wool for the second time (even though there’s a rule that he can only do it once per person using the I’ll give you my blood method). Or his tears could have made a miracle and saved Yeo Wool and they set out on a journey to find the Gu Family Book. You know, those sort of things? Point here is, Yeo Wool did not deserve the same fate as Seo Hwa as she was her opposite and she loved Kangchi so much she wouldn’t let the monster transformation get in the way nor the prophecy that was made. Also, did she take the bullet or evil minion was just stupid to fire at her? Because if she did take the bullet, seriously, your boyfriend has the power to heal himself if they did fire at him! So why become a hero when your boyfriend already is?

5.) They could have ended Gu Family Book in the same era without going to 2013.

I know, I know, there is a sequel. But they could have ended it well even in the Joseon era while planning to have a sequel. Tae Soo should have acquired Hundred Year Inn back and clear his father’s name. Kangchi could have ended up becoming a hero by killing Evil Father, punishing Gwan Joong and stopping the war as well versus the Gong Bon group. (What happened to those merchants anyway?) Kangchi could have found the book and become human and just marry Yeo Wool. BUT NO. They had to left those unanswered for the sequel. Then what was the point of having 24 episodes? HA.

I know I’m probably overreacting but I have never, ever been disappointed like this in all Korean drama series that I’ve watched. When I heard Kangchi say “Let’s meet again”, I should have known that ‘again’ means 2013, after 422 years! What has Kangchi been doing in all those years? Running around? Probably dating Miho (My girlfriend was a gumiho) before Lady Grandma trapped her. Don’t get me wrong, I am in love with Lee Seung Gi and his acting is one of the best (especially the way he hugs and that eyes that are always welled up with tears just before he lets go of one drop, how does he do that?) but the writer had just to ruin it by telling people we have a sequel.

I’ll probably rant until I hear the confirmation that indeed, there’s a sequel. They should make sure that what they left in the past should be answered in 2013. They should give justice to all the amazing actors they had. And maybe when I have time, I’ll make my own ending for this. Arrggh. I can’t even~ I need to find a new drama with a good ending so I can forget about this. Hahahaha!

Till then, ciao.

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