THE Bangs.

Just a quick post.

I had my bangs cut last Saturday night. This is what I get from watching Korean dramas.

I haven’t had enough sleep for the past 3 days and my head is hurting. I’m kind of juggling with a lot of stuffs in work and I like being busy, as long as I have enough sleep I guess. God has been really great, as always. He keeps on answering my prayers one by one and when He doesn’t, He gives me a way out. I am just amazed on how He cares and how involved He is in my life.

Today, I slept at 5AM and woke up at 10AM disturbed and scared to go to work. I have messed up my weekend work, not because I wasn’t caring, but because I wasn’t proactive enough as expected from me. I was scared that they’d grill me and blame me for my ignorance, so I kept praying to the Lord that He will “deliver” me. Funnehh, huh? I was praying for a way out. But He reminded me that He is my boss. He reminded me to submit to authorities and take the punishment I deserved. He reminded me to just lift it all up to Him, as what Philippians 4:6-7 said.

I had to ask for His peace. I had to repeat the verse over and over again to calm myself.

When I walked inside the office, I sat down at my desk and just did my work. I was waiting for anyone to tell me to meet them so we could talk. But no one did. I’m not sure if they were afraid of my newly cut bangs, or if they took pity on me (because sometimes, cutting your hair means you are down). It’s good to have bangs! Hahaha! Kidding aside, no one did. But I had to give apologies and humble myself to my lead. I had to, because that was the rightest thing to do.

I feel so blessed and peaceful. Indeed, when we follow God’s instructions, we are never hurt. 🙂


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