Too good to be true?

I know it. I do. God became a man to die for us. I know, okay. If you ask me why though, I’d just say so we can have eternal life. But if you ask me why He has to become a man, I don’t know. I just knew He had to die to give us salvation.

Until today, God used Rev. Joe Mauk who used spinning tops to tell about the Good News. I was at awe. I never thought a spinning top could tell the Truth. Joe was using this really big blue top with red spots on the middle. He was explaining how Jesus Christ died on the cross.

Something just struck me right then and there.

“God is an everlasting God. He doesn’t have beginning nor end. He won’t die. So in order for us to gain salvation, He needs to become a man. A man who will sacrifice Himself, as the lamb, for us to be able to get into Heaven and be with Him.”

He has to become a man. What about it? Read it again. He has to become a man. He has to become a man so he can die. SO HE CAN DIE. SO HE CAN DIE FOR US.

Do you get it? God had to go through all that for us, so we can be with Him!

Imagine how big a sacrifice that is! Imagine yourself being the queen of a country and stepping down to become the sacrifice for your people so the country can be saved from death. Would you do that? God did through Christ Jesus our Lord. God did that because He made us for perfection to be with Him. We maybe imperfect today, but when we walk with Him, we become a work in progress…. transforming everyday into God’s perfect creation as we once were before.

And to attain all these? We just need to believe and offer our lives to Him. WHAT IS TEMPORARY STRUGGLES TO AN EVERLASTING GAIN? 


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