Love at its Best

I get annoyed.. so easily.

And when I do, I retort sarcastically – brows furrowed, lips tight, eyes like a laser beam.

Lately though, I’ve been quiet and it’s really hard as I’m not the kind of girl who’d just sit and keep quiet whenever I don’t like how I am treated by another. But the Word says, “ your neighbor and love your enemies”. As much as I wanted to lift the chair and slump it into some faces, I’d close my eyes and and would take a deep breath.

I don’t want to hurt anybody or be disliked by anyone. After all, we should all live together for good.

So this week, my action points would be:

1. Love love love love.

2. No sarcastic retorts.

3. No scoffing.

4. Patience and extra grace.

5. Be forgiving as much as God forgives us every single time we sin.


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