Past and Future


This is probably the saddest, most heart-breaking write-up I have ever read in my whole life.  It’s like talking to each one of us – a mixed emotion and a feeling between regret and happiness for the person you once loved or admired before. It’s being glad that from someone so immature, he has become a man who is capable of raising a family and regretful of the fact that for whatever reason, you did not end up together as how you planned when you were younger.

It’s like looking at the person with a smile on your face and when they turn around after saying goodbye, that smile turns into a thin line, while not taking your eyes off from the familiar back that’s walking away and fading into the crowd.

And then you let out a sigh – a sigh that would conclude everything. This is the reality, and all those that happened long before are now gone. It’s time to really finally move on and let go. It’s time.

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