Michael Cinco on PHFW2013

I like fashion, but not to the point where I make a lookbook account and post photos of myself wearing this and that. But I do like fashion, in the sense that I choose clothes where I feel pretty and at the same time comfortable not considering any brands at all. As long as I like it and it looks good on me, I buy it away and take it home. I know I’ve never posted any fashion-related entries before, so this will be the first time.


Last Sunday, I was lucky enough to be randomly chosen to have an e-invite for Philippine Fashion Week in Michael Cinco’s show. I didn’t even remember signing up on anything and I was glad that I checked out my email that day. And when I read “Michael Cinco”, I jumped out and down and screamed! Seriously, I was that excited! I have heard of him from America’s Next Top Model and how he is rising up to fame in the haute couture world. I love haute couture. I can watch shows like that in my whole life. To see one in reality and to see Michael Cinco in the flesh was just an amazing experience!

Indeed, the brightest blazes of our gladness are often kindled by unexpected moments. Two nights before the show, I was thinking a lot of what to wear. I didn’t want to buy new clothes or change wardrobe before going out of the office and bring a lot of things, so I opted for a simple black dress. Black dresses are the safest to wear in any events. You won’t need to worry about being under or overdressed. And since, I told you, I ain’t the fashionista and my love for heels isn’t really practiced, I had to endure standing with pain for around an hour in my 4-inch black shoes which I last used on graduation ( that was a year ago! ).



Yes, we stood for the entire show because… we arrived late. As we all know, Pearl and I are career women in whom the company expects to be high performers (lol), so we needed to finish our tasks before heading out. We arrived at around 9PM and had to snatch a quick dinner and went back to fall in the line. When we got inside, half of the people were standing with no seats left. We have no right to argue since we’re lucky enough to get free invites, so no problems with that. Thing is, we didn’t really get to see the show in all its magnificence. I wasn’t even able to take good pictures.


But God loves us so much, when everyone was on vanity fair in the huge PHFW tarp outside the hall, Pearl and I decided to stay and sit down hoping to see some showbiz people and ask for photos. And suddenly, all the models came out and lined up on the stage with Michael Cinco. We were gushing and all the things we missed out on the show were suddenly dazzling in our very eyes. We may have missed out all the effects in the runway, but we didn’t miss out Michael Cinco’s creations.


His designs weren’t over the top – wearable and classy and elegant. It was Black Swan and the Evil Queen (Snow White and the Huntsman) rolled into one. Looking at those models felt like being tall and beautiful is what you need to have the right to wear Michael Cinco’s creation. And yet at the same time, being in my black dress and having the chance to experience such event is already more than enough for me.

I may never get to see PHFW in the future again, so I’m really thankful that somehow, out of my randomness and habit of signing up/registering or answering whatever it is I see thinking that I lose nothing if I give off a little time, I had the privilege to be invited and see the show of the soon to be one of the top designers in the world. Brava!

Gratitude to Runway Productions and philippinefashionweeklive(dot)com. And thank you Lord, I know that wasn’t random. You chose me and with You, nothing is random! *heart heart*

“A Michael Cinco woman is moneyed. She may not be born into royalty but she better be married into one. My clothes appear seamless. It looks heavy and yet it floats. It looks expensive simply because it is.” – Famous quote from Michael Cinco

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