Scariest taxi ride evaaahhh.


I slept last night at around 2AM and I wasn’t really feeling well. I woke up at around 9am and since I missed my shuttle, I decided to get a cab to work. The moment I sat on the cab, I knew right then there was something wrong – especially at how the driver kept on glancing at me. Then out of nowhere, he asked, “How old are you?” I answered I am 24 as I was kinda scared to tell him I’m younger. But that was probably a wrong move because he said that his girlfriend is the same age as me and he started talking about their love affair. He kept on repeating that his girlfriend’s from Siquijor and she knows black magic that he couldn’t break up with her.

I was just being quiet and agreeing on what he was saying with some “Hehe, yeah” or “Maybe” or “Probably”, limiting my answers to those words and chuckling at the middle of those. I started fidgeting and looked around the car for an escape just in case something happens. I texted my friend of the taxi’s plate number and the driver kept on talking. He said I looked like his girlfriend, with morena skin and nice legs as he eyed on me. I was really nervous and as we turned below Guadalupe, I saw a lot of policemen walking around. Somehow that gave me a relief.

I started praying quietly telling God to keep me safe and protect me from harm. Out of nowhere, I just prayed that He will save the soul of that man and the soul of his girlfriend. Lately, I have been fervently been praying about a lot of things. Even when I’m in the office and something bothers or worries me, I go to the toilet room and just pray and then I’d feel okay. And that’s what I did this morning.

But the taxi driver kept on talking up to the topic of his intimacies with the girl. It really scared me to think that he kept on glancing at me and smiling. So I kept on praying quietly. I was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t hear what he was talking about and I suddenly asked him, “Kuya, bumoto po ba kayo nung Monday?”. I was glad that he answered me properly so the topic went on to election. I was really relieved when I saw the gate of Mckinley approaching. I was scared at C5 since he could just speed up if he changes his mind of dropping me off to Mckinley and went on ahead somewhere instead.

We talked about politics then that whenever he inserts something about his girlfriend again, I go back to talking about the politics and the senators that are placed in the top 12. Deep inside me, even though I was already in Mckinley area, I was still praying and praying and praying. When I handed him my fare, I walked down and straight ahead to the building without even looking back and thanked God for the protection He gave me.

I never talk about these kind of things to my Mom. She has a tendency of getting paranoid whenever she thinks I’m going somewhere or even riding the taxi alone or the jeepney. These things happen too often to me.

When I was younger, in my first year in high school, my uncle ran some errands that they told me to ride the tricycle home instead. The tricycle driver kept on looking at me and smiling and asking questions. He told me that I was really pretty and he had never seen such beauty before. I was really quiet and I was holding a pen inside my bag. Whenever these things happen to me, my mind wanders off to scenarios where and how I escape for my life. When I got down at the front of my house and was handing my fare, he told me, “Buti nalang hindi ka maputi.” Right then and there, I really thanked God that He always has a purpose of making things His way. I was always insecure of being morena but I realized that maybe God really intended me to be this way so I could avoid all those harmful things that might have happened to me if I was fairer then.

And everytime this kind of sitch happen to me, two verses would blow my mind — Psalms 23 and Deuteronomy 31:6.

In my 22 years, He never ceases to fail me.

Then again, I might reconsider buying a tear gas instead of keeping a perfume in my bag. *wink

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” – Deuteronomy 31:6

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