Series of random topics

Hello! It’s been a great day today – I woke up at 5:30 AM without even thinking of snoozing my alarm. I jumped out of bed and got into the shower and I was gone. Today is a very accomplished day. I completed my tasks, was able to do some extracurricular stuffs for my extracurricular roles and was able to go home early at 7:30!  I dropped by Robinson’s Pioneer and bought a new pair of shoes. It looks so vintage-ish Fred Perry-ish kind of shoes and it’s in size 5 and it’s 50% off, so I guess that was really for me. Happy kiddo~

I’ve been reading this book called 101 Prayers by Jeannie Taylor and it just keeps on making me inspired every waking day of my life. Everytime I read on their stories about how God answered their prayers, I just keep on being at awe in Him and He just amazes me more. It makes me pray more and it makes me hope more that I will have my moment that God will answer a major-major prayer for me – one that would make me just die for Him then and there.

How can someone think she/he knows a person by just reading her blogs? It irks me, really.

But I won’t let myself be annoyed because today is a happy special day! AHAHAHAHA, payday come sooner. I’m excited. *wink *wink

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