Tagaytay to Cool Down

For my 22nd birthday and Nang Stif’s nth (I have no permission to disclose such info, NDA) birthday, we went to Tagaytay with a few good friends. We wore pretty summer colors like orange and pink so it would look really pretty on the photos. I really like these kind of trips – sit down in a car in your cute little outfit and be just all girly. I hope there are places like these in Bacolod and I have friends to spend enough on such trips.


We had lunch at Memory Lane, the restaurant owned by Jolina Magdangal. It was such a nice place! It’s in blue and white which is really calming in the eyes and stuffs in the resto are all vintage and the signages are funny. It reminds me of some artsy 50’s restaurant in the movies of Audrey Hepburn and the likes. We were like kids, running to and fro and checking out the place. We took a lot of photos out of excitement.

1It was said that their specialties are the morisquita rice and the sinigang kawali. The sinigang kawali is pretty weird as it’s the first time I’ve tried it. It’s a dish I didn’t expect would be okay, but it turned out well and it was tasty. The morisquita rice was also delish!

And for a place like that, Memory Lane is pretty affordable. There were six of us and our orders were just enough and the bill wasn’t much.

We weren’t able to take photo of their Dagupan bangus – I like it! I’m such a big fan of grilled foods especially fishes – it wasn’t grilled but I super duper love it. I haven’t eaten much fish here in Manila, so to eat one is an amazing thing for me. HAHAHA!

We haven’t tried their desserts as we went on our way at around 2pm. There were so much more to see and we didn’t want to lose track of time.


After Memory Lane, we directly went to Sonya’s Garden. There wasn’t much to see here except for their pretty white linen chair but their breads were delisyoso, especially their Spanish bread. We bought some accessories and lots of bread. The story of the owner was also nice, based on the prologue of her book that I read while waiting for them to finish paying up their goods. Sonya’s Garden was pretty far – it was on the Eastern side of Tagaytay.

Just before heading to Picnic Grove, we dropped by Bag of Beans and took a sip on their fruity shakes. They again, bought lots of bread and off we went to Picnic Grove. Picnic Grove wasn’t as much as I expected it to be. I always see Tagaytay in the movies and it’s one of the places I really want to go to. I use Tagaytay in the stories I write and I thought to literally set foot on it, I might describe it a little closer to what it really is. But I guess I described it way way better than its reality. I’m still a big fan of Baguio over Tagaytay. *bleh* But the one-hour drive is a plus point for this place. I hope one day, I can drive there myself.


Nang Stif wanted to try flying a kite, so they bought a kite and they worked their way off to fly it. HAHAHAHA. They took turns running to and fro and holding the kite just so it would rise up and fly. We kept on laughing the whole while as our kite would go a little upward and off it goes back to land. We were so loud and some people were laughing at us. We swore we wouldn’t go home unless we make it fly. Pitpit, Glow and I took in-charge and while I was holding the kite, the guy on my left who was also holding their kite told me to lengthen the thin rope so it would directly go upwards. I screamed at Pit-pit to have the wire longer and off our kite went! We were so happy we were jumping for joy. But it was so high the wind was so strong that Pitpit had to let go because it was hurting her hand, and we have no idea where it went. But nevertheless, it was a job well done and we were very satisfied.

Then off we went home. I was K.O.

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