Good Friday, indeed.

It’s the Holy Week and most probably of you are spending time on the beach with your family, or going home in the province to just rest on the long weekend, or spare time serving on the church activities. However you spent the Holy Week, let us not forget that though our God is alive and well at all times, this is a reminder of how He died for us on the cross so He can redeem us and give us the privilege to live eternally with Him.

As for me, I hate early morning flights. I am not a morning person, obviously. I’d like to sleep in the morning and move my body on the afternoon. The morning flights are giving me headaches and I feel like I wasted my a day in Bacolod just by sleeping in from the one-hour plane ride — to think of I slept the whole time on the flight. I was lucky I had seatmates who were quiet and gave me a cup of water and kept my “airplane snack” for me. Hooray for those people!

DSCN1094Anyway, since the friends are out of town and some are spending quality time with their family, I decided to just serve my Mom by driving her around and doing errands for her. Bacolod is like a ghost town. We wanted to have dinner somewhere but everything’s closed, so we settled for whatever edible enough in our fridge.

On good friday, I had a lot of firsts. I drove to Mambukal with my cousin and my brother for the first time. I haven’t tried driving at this side of the town as I am scared of the whole “mountainy” kind of road. But it isn’t all mountainy, really.

Not what my Mom described it to be. I was able to maintain a 60kph while singing at the top of my lungs to Taylor Swift’s songs. Joy ride, as what we call it. It was a chillax kind of drive.

Then Tito texted me to go to their cottage and have lunch with them. Thank goodness they have food as we only brought a bucket of chicken from Jollibee and a whole lot of rice. We just really wanted to take pictures and try stuffs and eat then go home.

First, we tried boating on the lagoon without adult supervision. The kids were thrilled. If their parents were there, they wouldn’t allow us to go near the boat in any way.


It was really funny as we didn’t know how to paddle the boat and we couldn’t go straight directly. I keep on paddling on the left and Steph on the right but it was to no avail. We kept on laughing and my brother Yong kept on getting angry with us. He’s quite scared that we’d fall off and drown ourselves but we kept on reminding him that it would be okay as we have life vests on and just have fun. After the boatride, he insisted that we were just sitting there laughing while he was doing all the paddle to get us moving. Hmm, okay.

After the boating, we went to the butterfly garden and imagine how disappointed my brother was. I told him there wouldn’t be a lot to see in there but he really wanted to check it out. When we got in, he told me he only saw 3 kinds of butterflies. That’s what I was telling you, brotthaa!


After, we ate lunch and spent some time soaking our feet on the rushing, cold water from the Mambukal falls. There was this group of people who were bathing their pet snake on the water and I couldn’t imagine how we would react if it ever slipped on their hands and would start swimming away. Pfffttt. I like watching snake shows on TV, but I have no plans of encountering one in real life.


We also tried the zip line and it was my first time – same with Steph and my brother. My brother and I went together and he kept on teasing me, “OH MY GOSH YOUNG, OH MY GOSH” over and over again. I told Mom that he was scared, he even told me he’s about to pass out before putting the belt on his body. We were just laughing.

I went home tired but fulfilled. And as I was complaining of how hot this place was, it started to rain cats and dogs for a good amount of almost an hour. Thank God for that! Overall, it was a good Friday – no, more like amazing. Till next long weekend!

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