Funny how this name changed from normal to ridiculous. I’d like to guess you have this kind of person in your phonebook, but if not, you are lucky. You are saving yourself from the hassle of thinking whether you have to answer that call, send a reply or just click ignore.

And just awhile ago, I received a call from that person – that one call I should have not answered (duh, the title). The kind of call that always disappoints me. The kind of call where I always tell the other person on the line that I am in the middle of a very magical dream and the multiple annoying ringtone just ruined it, when I am actually not.

It’s the kind of call that you hear a lot of music and people chatting and you know where that person is. It’s the kind of call where you feel like your prayers are not being answered.

It can also be referred to as the ‘bad call’.

Do not call me again with all those noise and people.

If ever you do, I will press the red button and never answer again.

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