Baon Day 2: Baguio Beans with Ground Meat

Since I now work in Mckinley, and food scarcity is mainstream, we have decided to cook our own meal instead of walking under the beaming heat of the sun to get a microwave-cooked meal – will absolutely, without second thoughts, pass on that.

Baguio beans with ground meat is one of my favorites and my mother used to cook this to me on weekends. It’s a simple dish and would probably take you around an hour to prepare and cook this meal – or depends on how soft or crispy you want the meat to be.



Diced onions

Diced garlic

Soy sauce

Ground meat (beef)



Baguio beans (green beans)

Olive Oil/Virgin Oil

P57 (1/4 ground beef), P17 (garlic/onion), P8 (Baguio beans)  = P82

* The reason I didn’t put any exact measurements is because I didn’t measure any of these ingredients whatsoever upon cooking.

How to cook:

1. Dice the onions and garlic. Slice diagonally the green beans and clean the meat.

2. Heat the pan in a low heat. Add the oil.

3. Saute the onions and garlic while keeping a low fire.

4. After 2 minutes, put the meat and stir once in awhile. Cover the pan and wait till it dries up.

5. When it does, you can now add the green beans and stir. Put enough salt and pepper.

6. Cover the pan again and wait till it dries up. Add a little soy sauce and Magic Sarap granules and stir.

7. And you’re done! Serve with hot rice! Serves 3.

You can now live healthily and not dependent on junk foods or fast food. Congratulations! Or you can now marry someone who loves green beans and would like to eat it everyday.

Or you can wait for my Baon Day 3 tomorrow night! *u*

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