February is love!

Hello! It’s been awhile, eh?

Obviously, I missed a lot here like the Chinese new year, the Valentine’s day, the move to Mckinley, the weekend-trip to Bacolod and of course, please mind the title. So where do I start? Probably the Chinese new year since it’s first in line among the events mentioned above.

While everyone was enjoying the Chinese new year, eating tikoy and watching fireweorks, Dina and I were on the office doing weekend work. We actually thought of buying a tikoy just so we’d feel the whole year of the snake thing, but we kind of forgot. I was also alone in the house, so when I went home, I watched some korean drama and slept. That’s how I celebrated Chinese new year which is kinda similar to my Valentine’s day celebration, but I kinda spent it with the single ladies in the office.

We all dolled and dressed up and ate dinner at Greenbelt’s SumoSam. It was very different to last year’s Valentine’s as the latter was full of drama and chorva! *laughs* Now that I remember, I realized how “highschool-ish” that was. Nevertheless, this year’s love day was spent differently to the last four years of my existence. No dramas, just pure self-indulgence. It was just pretty shocking – financially – as I spent it for four years just sitting on the other side of the table not even touching that black little booklet on the other side. *laughs again* But it was a pretty good experience. It was like me me me me me me me me me me time with girlfriends!

Then the next week, I spent the weekend in Bacolod. I don’t know what happened to the city. It felt like ghost town! Or maybe I just got used to the busy life here, or maybe those college students just spent their nights somewhere, or maybe they were just in their pretty rooms resting from the previous week’s Bacoloadiat. I don’t know. New stuffs! Bacolod got this Baywalk kind of place which looks like Roxas Boulevard (I don’t actually know what this looks like) but to my point of view, I’ll compare it to MOA’s seaside place. Downside is, the “rich” and the “poor” are present, which is kinda dangerous especially when you’re drinking. You might get stabbed. Still ain’t a good place to be in. Goodbye to our college “tambay” and “drinking” place. We used to spend the night there and just gaze at stars and talk about absurdities in life, and it’s all gone now.

The next week, hello Korea — este Baguio!


I can spend my whole life in that weather — as long as I have a hot shower! We took turns boiling water just so we could take a shower without freezing in the morning and evening. Our dgroup, a friend of mine and Pep’s sister and brother in law all came with Pep’s team to the summer capital of the country.


It was also the time of Baguio’s famous flower festival, Panagbenga which I actually though it was called Penagbenga. I really enjoyed the weekend Baguio experience. It was the typical Baguio tour – with our first stop on Strawberry farm, The Mansion, Cap John Hay, Session Road, etc. Of course, as a first timer, I was amazed with everything. I was dazzled by the scarves, the sweaters, the cardigans, the “wag-wag”, the cold weather, the snake-like rollercoaster roads, the houses in the cliffs, and many more. I can’t help it, it was just amazing which then led me to wonder, if I am amazed by this local place, how enchanted will I be when I see the places outside Philippines?

Some tips on what to bring:

* Socks
* Scarf/Sweater/Jacket
* Gloves (if you’ll feel really cold)
* Small backpack (for walking around)
* Umbrella (there are times when it’s really hot and the cold wind doesn’t help)
* Camera (preferably SLR since most of the tourists are bringing one lol)
* Comfortable shoes/slippers/sandals (it’s walk, walk, walk, walk)
* Sunscreen (it’s cold that sometimes you won’t mind the sun until you realize your skin is burnt)
* A good set jet-setter friends!

February’s been good. I hope March too! 🙂

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