Day 31 : What

This is a series of random thoughts and wonders. Read on if you want to waste your time.

So I’m thinking of getting a haircut, but not the likes I used to get before out of my boredom or absurdity. Just a little trim to take off all the unhealthy ones which would leave me bald, actually. Lol.

It’s Accenture shirt day today! Yay! We’re all wearing our Accenture shirts and mine is a little big for my body. Weird. Now I’m not sure if I’m really fat or this is how my body should really be.

Listening to Time after Time and wondering why the lyrics are like that. What made the composer say all of those things? Was it out of something or just pure ‘I-need-to-make-a-song-just-because’?

I bought a daily prayer card and it’s in my office. Really cute. Reminds me everyday of my duty as a faithful woman. *smiles*

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