Au revoir, Facebook

Since I want to build my life around Him I’d like to start off by taking time off from Facebook as it is eating most of my time from doing things that really matter. I’m also trying to say goodbye to everything that burdens and hinders me from being close to God. I just have this conviction about how God gave me a good 2012, so I just thought for the first time after Him being merciful and great in the last five years of me being sinful and not walking in His ways, this is just a small thing to do – by offering 2013 in Him for a start.

I will start by leaving Facebook till God knows when. Everyday, I spend an average of 4 hours checking out my Facebook and I get nothing from it except for occasional chats and comments and questions ‘how are you’ from friends and relatives. Don’t get me wrong, I love it that you remember me, but Facebook’s been eating up my time. In 4 hours, I can clean the house; I can go to the salon and get my hair and nails done; I can lose 500lbs in gym; I can fix my objectives; I can cook and also eat; I can do my laundry and fold it myself; I can read 4 books in the Bible completely. I can do a lot in 4 hours and yet I choose to stare at that little box saying “How’re you feeling, Kim?” or “What’s up Kim?” — or choose to scroll down back and forth and check my chat box and check my own wall and go back to staring that little box. And before I know it, 4 hours have passed and I realize how productive I am. Really productive, wooh!


Lately, I’ve been reading a book called “When God Writes your Love Story” by Eric and Leslie Ludy and I found something that I can really relate to which also made me give-up Facebook for the time being. Leslie wrote,

Leslie, don’t try to build Me into your life anymore.. instead, build your life around Me, it was true. I had tried to “fit God into my life” by praying each morning, reading my Bible every night, and attending church weekly. Yet He was not the central focus of my daily life. In reality, I was only giving Him a few minutes of scattered attention here and there. I finally came to the realization that unless I slowed down and made a genuine effort to seek Him instead of just being so consumed with my own ambitions, I would have a hard time discerning His will for me in any area.”

That’s it. I have to give up anything that slows me down in seeking Him and all there is within about my Creator. In order for me to grow in spirit and in faith, I have to give up some stuffs and if people from my Facebook are truly my friends, they would know how to contact me and talk to me without reaching me through the so-called social network.

So I guess I’ll ask you of the same thing, if you had a good year last 2012, and if you believe that He gave it to you, why don’t you give 2013 back to Him? Giving it back to Him isn’t really much. Like me, I just have to give up my Facebook life to spend at least two hours of devotion to Him everyday. I guess that would be an easy thing to do thinking you’re all over Facebook for four hours or more, how much more just two hours of the 24-hours He’s giving to you?

Think about it. The Lord is giving you 24 hours a day, and He’s only asking for an hour or so. 24 hours to 1 hour. See, that’s a bargain already! It’s almost the same as the company requires you to work 9 hours a day but your boss tells you that he only needs one hour of your time but will still pay you a good nine hours of work which is of course, to your advantage. That’s almost the same thing, but the Lord doesn’t require you. He wants you to come to Him not through obligation nor rule nor any sort as that, but He wants you to come to Him with willingness and humility. Those are easy, aren’t they?

Hmm, come on, think about it.

Flip that cover and read a line, one line, just for a start.

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