Home alone

on 2013’s first day.

While waiting for my boarding, I noticed that everyone was travelling with their families or another sort of loved ones. It was like watching Noah’s ark in reality – most of them came in pairs. Sitting there alone wasn’t hard, but seeing all the cuddly chorva chenes acts make everything ugh, I can’t even find the right word. Can’t those people just sit there and talk like normal people? It’s a public area, for goodness sake. But nevertheless, the flight was nice and reading the magazine was a great help to kill time.

After, instead of going upstairs and ride the taxi instantly, Mom had a strict instruction to choose the metered taxi so I had to fall in line and wait for my turn for almost two hours. The little boy behind me was muttering that we’ll be able to ride the taxi the next day since the line was really long and his mom kept on telling him to just wait patiently and not be angry. He reminds me a lot of my dear nephew, Andre when he gets impatient and keeps on asking questions. I wanted to give a tap on his back and tell him, “We all feel you.”

When I arrived on the building, I rode the elevator with all my luggage (mostly pasalubongs) and there was this little girl who asked me to which floor I should get down and told her on the first floor. She pressed 1 and she looked at me and I smiled at her and I told her “thank you” and she said, “no problem” and we chatted like how old is she and where she goes to school and she helped me with my things to the front door and we greeted each other a happy new year. Helping and being helped are two good feelings that leaves you enlightened.

365 days to go before another year starts, and that reminds me again that I need to make my faith resolution and choose my memory verse theme for 2013 and live up to it. Good night.

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