Because the date is interesting

… I need to make an entry – 12/12/12. Not a date like this will ever pass through again, so I’d like to sum up the past few weeks I’ve been gone from this site.. just so I have something to look back to at this date. Because obviously, nothing pretty outrageous happened today, except for me being thick-faced on the All-hands meeting.


Batangas on November 30, 2012. It was a pretty nice place (La Virginia Resort). We took a 2hour drive from Manila to Lipa, chilled at the resort and took photos. It was awesome. The place was like a world within a world. Lots of themes and everything — and they make their own stuffs. Like the gorilla in the picture, the buddha, and all the cute stuff.  The photo with the buddha reminds me of Thailand. I also learned how to drive an automatic car, yey! Thanks for the drive – hoped it wasn’t that awkward. 😉


December 1-2 at Laguna with Single @ Work peeps. It was S@W’s official outing for 2012 with the members.  Singles@Work is an avenue where single professionals meet weekly for encouragement. A weekly Friday singles gathering is conducted in 7th Floor Raffles Bldg, Emerald St., Ortigas. It’s a good way to unwind and chitchat with just about anything. For more infos, you can visit their Facebook page and check out photos from their awesome events.


December 8, 2012 – International Christmas Party at CCF Binondo. I had the chance to go with my group to CCF Binondo and attend their multinational Christmas party which consists of almost 7 different nations: China, Iran, India, Korea, Ghana, Nepal and Philippines. We had different kinds of foods from different countries and the tea egg from the Chinese people were just yummy! I also met a lot of people like Sunny and Shane – both from China who are studying English here. Shane’s family moved in the country about 5 months ago and they own a restaurant in Binondo. Sunny asked me to come visit them one of these days and we could eat at Shane’s family restaurant. Also, my perception with Iranians really changed. I was expecting them to look a little bit darker (having the Indian features) but nope, they were so pretty and handsome. They looked like those people from magazines and I kept on thinking “Are these really Iranians? WOW!”. Awesome experience!


And of course, the Retail IG Christmas party (December 11, 2012) at Makati Shangri-La Hotel. We all dressed up in our best and I feel really thankful and happy to be in this team. It’s good that my colleagues are also “maarte (in dressing up)” like me. We had different attires. Pearl opt for a sexy body-hugging dress that only she and she alone can pull off; Ilycc went for the “madame/exec” silver dress with beautiful beads in the chest part, and I was on a tube bubble dark bubble dress. Ang bongga ng raffle prizes, but we weren’t able to grab one. *sad face* Buuuttt, with some miracle, I was nominated for Star of the night. HAHAHAHA Laughtrip! Did not bag the award. Hahaha, pero andaming magaganda sa project namen. I think 3 of the nominees were from our project. Wuhooo! And we all had a taste of our ‘tiis-ganda’ chorva with our heels. After the party, we had to wait for the taxi and our feet were hurting, so we had to walk to Starbucks and while on the way, we took off our shoes and ran to the corner and put it on again. It was pretty embarrassing but really fun.. and Pearl had this big basket on her arms. But we didn’t care, our soles were screaming. Ohh car, where are you when I need you? -.-

Before I forget, I would like to thank my sponsor – Stifany Araneta for my pretty pretty dress; Pearl and Ilycc for their complete set of make-ups and for letting me in their humble abode and to my inner self for being “feeling payat”. Hahahha!

I started going to gym awhile ago, and I hope I persevere. Haha, must go back to 40kg before January 2013 starts, but I wonder how since the great festivities are coming. *smile* When offered with food, turn your head from left to right and repeat. Hard time.

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