Series of Hihihi Events

Instead of going somewhere and enjoying the long weekend, I was at home working – well, not really, but I opened my laptop, making and receiving calls from time to time. And then on Thursday night, I drank one glass of Coke and gargled some water before sleeping, in the morning I had a really bad sore throat. I had fever and runny nose and Mom had to give some motherly advice how to treat the flu. Thanks, Mom. The Rubitussin you brought from Aussie was really effective. I had to cancel a dinner that Friday.

Thank goodness work was not much this week. No calls in the morning so I have enough time to sleep and take a good rest. And laaaately, we’ve been staying late in the office, uh uh, not to work but to play games! Yehes naman!

Before I talk about games, I’ll be talking first about how I was locked in the fire exit stairs of the company. Crap!

So I went down from 23rd to 21st floor through elevator and decided to go back using the fire exit (which is the stairs). When I badged in on the 23rd fire exit door, I couldn’t open it, it was locked. So I went to 24th and it was the same. I went back down to 22nd and 21st but I couldn’t go out.

While I was climbing up and down, I was thinking of how I could get out or if my colleagues were to notice that I was gone, or if I can keep my sanity till morning if ever I’ll be locked in. I wasn’t able to bring my phone so I couldn’t contact anyone. I sat down on the stairs, fidgety and scared and tired. After around 10 minutes, I heard a voice so I went down from 23rd to 21st and the guard saw me and I said, “I was locked.” Then he chuckled and asked, “How long have you been here?”  So I told him I was there for almost 10 minutes and he chuckled again. He went to 23rd and opened the door for me. I WILL NEVER USE THE STAIRS AGAIN WITHOUT ANY PHONE OR COMPANY.

Back to the games – we’ve been going home late in the evening, uh uh, not because we’re on overtime,  but because we are playing logical games. Bongga right? Logical! Hahaha, that’s a must to standbys – analysis and investigation for Cluedo and Business Management for Monopoly. It’s so stressful but it’s really really fun. 🙂

Also, I got an apple last Monday – because an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Thanks!





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  1. Stifany says:

    Bring cellphone all the time gid even sa restroom. And wait, you’re suppose to be on call? Why left the phone? Haha

    1. Kim Um says:

      Actually, I was just gonna check the elevator if my friend had already left, but I was put on an unexpected situation that I had to ride on the elevator and get off at 21st. Hahahaha. Don’t ask what the “situation” was.

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