ROSF Trick or treat 2012

As a newbie in the company, in the project, and in the ROSF socials, I was so excited for the trick or treat event. I remembered when I was a kid, I wasn’t able to join any trick or treat as Mom has her own business and it isn’t as big as a company wherein there are employees that brings relatives and kids to the office. So I have not been able to dress up as a skeleton, as a vampire, as a witch, or anything scary. 

I was really amused by how creative the parents could be and how the kids put up to them. Haha! It was just entertaining. They all came in their own pakulo, and only for that day, how I wish I also have a kid to dress up with.



These little kids who dressed up as smurfs were just phenomenal. Everyone was asking for photo ops and they were willing to do so – I bet they even practiced poses at their houses before going to the company.



We also put some headbands just to feel the whole trick or treat thing, as we were also marshalls for the event. Pearl got this pretty hilarious wiggly skeleton headband, and I bought a tiger headband with a tail. I both wore them but I didn’t take a picture of myself with the tail. But it’s really cute. *u* Ilycc used my tiger bowtie as a headband. Cutiepie! We were kids for a day. 

And when we were giving candies to each cube in the 23rd floor, we were surprised that almost everybody had plastic bag of candies ready for the kids. It was really nice for them to buy candies and give it all away, rather than just wait for ROSF to give them some. The atmosphere in the office turned so bright and sunny and happy when the kids stepped in and everyone was saying, “Awww”, “cuteeee”, laughing and enjoying the show.


Socials also came up with the scarecrow making contest, wherein as seen above, we had our photo op with our scarecrow. Not sure though if who’s scarier – Victor, Zander or predator back there? Hahaha. Kidding.  We didn’t win first place, but we grabbed the second place. Kudos to the masterminds and the people who helped! Hats off!

And if I got a kid, I already decided on what she would wear on the trick or treat event. She will have three choices.

a. Little Red Riding Hood



b. The Queen of Hearts



c. Marilyn Monroe



But of course, this can wait. 😉

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