I miss home.

It’s been awhile since I have gotten fever and flu, coughs or even colds. The last time I had these was back in July when I was waking up and sleeping very early. I used to sleep at 10pm and wake up at 6am. Then I had to go to the office by 7am because the ride takes around 30minutes to 1hour.

The funny thing was that me and my seatmate had this flu conversation going on – this week, I’ll have flu, then I’ll be done. The next week, he’ll have flu, then he’ll be fine. The week after that, I’ll have the flu then I’ll be okay. And it goes on until I was rolled in that it only stopped (for me).

After I was rolled in, I had another shot with series of cough and everyone was telling me to take a a day off because I sounded really bad, but I just couldn’t. I had to go get a massage like every week for my cough and flu to go away. I guess that was also because I was stressed and scared. After awhile, I got over those phase and I’m healthy as can be.

There are days when I’m feeling really really bad that I just want to go home to Bacolod, curl in my bed and sleep for the whole day. My room back there was dark and cold. I had this big bed, thick blanket and dirty pillow (which I really really love!). It was my very own haven. And I miss it so much, I miss it more rather than my mom, hahahaha! Just kidding, mom.

And above everything else, these are what I miss most… the reason why I have gotten so much bigger compared to what I was a year ago.

(The spicy shrimp)

(Tulang isda)

(My oh-so favorite crab meat)

(Sizzling tangigue)

(Buttered/Garlic clams)

(All in one place, the Pala-Pala)

How I wish Bacolod is just a bus away. People who can go home and eat home-cooked meals are considered lucky, yes! I consider you guys lucky. Lately, all I’ve been eating are take-outs and “dine-ins”. Lol. Geez, this is making me hungry. At times like these, you know, with all the raining and silence going on, I miss home.

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