Please adopt me!

We ain’t gonna see each other anytime soon because I won’t be going home on the holidays.

Yes, you read it right. I will be spending New Year’s eve alone. I will be paying Mom the pocket money she gave me before I started receiving salary, so all my savings will probably go to that payment alone. I won’t be having money to buy tickets to go home, unless of course she shoulders it. But Mom is practical, too practical that she can stand not seeing me for the months ahead.

Can I spend New Year’s eve with you and your family? I promise I’ll behave. Can someone adopt me for like 3 days? From December 29 – January 1, I will be forever grateful! *grins* I will buy foods.

I’m also thinking.. of getting a hotel room and spend a night there on 31st of December and see the sky flash with fireworks. But that’s just too lonely – forever alone.

Ohh geez. Even if I cut my expenses and everything, it’s still not enough. What is eating my moneehhh? I should really try listing down my expenses daily so I can keep track of it. Financial management and discipline.

Again, can someone adopt me? Even just for 3 days? December 29 – 31.. or even just for a day December 31? 😀

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  1. jinmaning says:

    Ahw too bad. You’re friends in Manila maybe?

    1. Kim Um says:

      There’s not a lot. Most of them are also from the provinces outside Manila.

      1. jinmaning says:

        Your* hmmm. How about co-workers?

  2. Kenneth Manangan says:

    samin? =))

    1. Kim Um says:

      Goods na ako, uwi na daw ako :p

  3. Stifany says:

    Ahay… Nang marianne will..hehe… s@w peepz will adopt u 🙂

    1. Kim Um says:

      Yey i will be going home 😀

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