Phantom of the Opera in Manila

It was our first time to watch a broadway show and we were lucky to get tickets for Phantom of the Opera last night. We didn’t really get a good seat, but nevertheless we were happy that we were able to watch and experience a broadway show.


(Francis, Wilfredo and I had a photo op on the poster)

Honestly, I didn’t really watch the movie nor knew the whole story of Phantom of the Opera. My bestfriend used to be LSS-ed on their songs but I didn’t really try to google nor watched it. I didn’t really understand the whole show. Their voices were so powerful and so high that I did not understand a word. I was even surprised why she kissed Phantom! Hahahaha, Raoul was very handsome. Raoul, raoul, raoul. *u*

(This was before the show, we really had a bad seat, but it was fine)

The only ones available were at the boxes and on the farthest left side. There were some blind spots, so my neck was everywhere. That guy in front of me was also annoying. I don’t get it why his neck’s also everywhere when he actually had a pretty fine seat. There were times when all I could see was his head.. until he fell asleep and sat, leaning his back on the chair.

What we were actually after were the effects. We wanted to see how they would do it especially since it has to be done not by computers and what-not compared to the movies. We were not disappointed. There were bridges, stairs, elephants, floating candles, boats.. it was just awesome.

This was the highlight of the show — the masquerade. Everyone was on this big grand stairs, and they were all wearing fancy clothes. I was just simply astonished.

The show was very nice and I felt “aristocratic” and everything. Nobody was wearing jeans and everyone was on heels, on  coat and tie, and dresses. It was very broadway-ish. I had goosies all over my body on the casts’ voices and it was just a pretty amazing experience. Waiting for Les Miserables and Wicked! 😀

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