Unfinished Business

Last time, everybody was telling me how fat I am.. and recently, everyone has been telling me how stressful I look. Maybe I should grab this opportunity to lose weight and everything. I can hit two birds with one stone – doing my work and losing weight. Teehee!

Anyway, I was tasked to make a script about automation of a manually-done task and since I wasn’t able to finish it yesterday, I was worried and my mind kept thinking of how I should do it. Last night, I dreamed of my work and unsubconsciously, I was telling myself in sleep that I shouldn’t think of work since I’m in the house and that I should sleep straight. I woke up at 2AM. Then I slept again and dreamed of the same thing and woke up at 4AM.

When I had my alarm at 8AM, I was still really really sleepy when in fact, I slept at 10:30PM and that’s really early for me. I’m just glad that I was able to finish it today, thanks to Pearl and Vic for helping me out again. They’re so patient in teaching me and explaining to me all the what-nots.. Jambay and Sonny too! Yey!!

I think I’ll be editing that script and add a duration calculation so I wouldn’t have to do it manually. I hope I’ll be able to sleep straightly, sweetly and nicely tonight. I’m glad tomorrow’s Friday, then weekends! Days have gone by so fast, the year is almost at its end, and hello 2013! *grins*

I miss going to church.. I haven’t gone to church in 2 weeks now, because of my job. I need to go to church this weekend. MUST!

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