Weekend Mayhem

To control myself from all the spending, I stop myself from going out of the house on weekends – especially if payday is on Fridays. I promised myself that I’ll be saving money for Christmas or for travel next year – I’ve started saving already but it seems like I couldn’t keep it up.

I need to save a good amount of money so I’ll be able to go home for New year or get a check up when I need one. I think I’ll be spending new year with my cousins in Cagayan since my mom told me I cannot call nor ask for anything from her ever again just because I didn’t do a document she was asking me to.

I told her that she can write a summary in Ilonggo and I’ll be the one to arrange the thoughts and translate it in English, but she just gave me a “I’m this and that, just describe me” or whatever. As if translating it in a readable English document isn’t hard enough yet. If you are reading this, as what you say you do, ‘serious writing’ is different and so much harder than random writing. I’d take 10 minutes just to write an email that says ‘Please check this out if there’s something wrong in this’ because I can’t just say it that way, and this is the same thing with what you’re asking. What I only asked you to do was make the Ilonggo version, and I’ll do the rest, or provide me a more expanded detail and I’ll do what I can with that information. I just don’t get it why instead of whining and getting angry, go do it yourself while waiting for my work. Or at least try making it yourself rather than getting angry as to how long this would take. Stuffs. Don’t even wonder why I am like this, it runs in the blood. Just look at Young Seo. *u*

So yeah, I think I got kicked out of the house officially. Perhaps? Soooo no more going home nor phone calls nor Facebook comments. That’s that.

Anyway, back to the whole saving topic. This weekend, I had a number of firsts in my life. I had my first ice skating experience with colleagues and it was fun. I never really got to play rollerblades when I was younger, I only tried it a thing or two and since skating is about balancing, I failed. I was never good at balancing myself. I don’t know if it’s because of my lotus feet (that it can’t hold my body’s weight) or what. I’m not really sure. It took me a day to finally get in the center, but still wobbly and couldn’t glide. I had to walk or glide a little in order to move. But it was still fun and it was unlimited skating. Yay!!

Then we went to Etude House where I bought some basic ‘needs’ like masscara, lipstick, eybrow liner and eyebrow color. As a bonus, we got a free makeover which took us an hour or two. Then we had dinner at Giligan’s at Moa’s seaside and I had a massage at 12midnight just around here. Ate Katrina was sooo good. My bones were like cracking and everything.

We (Francis, Bibar and I) also dropped by Binondo as we had some monkey business on Recto Ave., and it wasn’t as much as I expected it to be – or maybe we got on the wrong side perhaps? There wasn’t a lot of things going on. But it was fun to walk around and know that you’re actually in Binondo. Most of the people were indeed Chinese and it was just fun to see them walking along the streets.

We’re thinking where to go next… I think I wanna buy a phone *u* but all of my saving will go to that phone if I buy one. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll make two kinds of savings – contingency fund (as Bibar call it) and want fund (as I call it) or maybe save money for my ungrateful little brother (as what Mom suggests). I don’t know. I’ll think about this.

I want to sleep and never go to work for a week. Haha! I’m so tired I can barely feel my legs. So ttfn.

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