Love your job..

and you won’t have to work every single day.

As what I’ve been telling everyone, I am a Computer Science degree holder but I am not a programmer. My mind doesn’t work that way. I don’t look at the situation or codes and get how the ifelse (etc) does to a script or a program. All I know is that I am working on a tech company and I should learn and love these stuffs as much as I love writing and talking.

Yesterday, I was tasked to fix a defect on our system’s script and thank God my colleagues were very helpful. Vic explained to me how the terminator phrase works and Pearl helped me with some commands in Unix. I really liked their moral support such as “You can do it!”, “Kaya mo yan, kering-keri.” or “Tapos mo na iyan in an hour!”. Vic was hands-on with the mentoring and teaching. He was executing some lines so I’d understand how it worked and what it does to the system. I was really grateful. 🙂

I kinda knew what I should do, my problem was that I don’t know how to incorporate it into Unix commands. I was able to finish the script, test and check it in on our repository. I was really really happy! There was also a time when something happened to my directory and erased everything. I felt like crying as I was really close to finishing the whole thing. I had to copy and paste the scripts again to my directory and test it all over again.

When I sent it for review, my lead (Dina) was saying “Good job!” – everybody did. It was overwhelming. I mean, that was actually an easy task, they could’ve done it in an hour or so, but their appreciation of what I did was just awesome. I felt so glad and so moved when everyone (including the onshore team) were saying that I did a good job. I was really really happy.

The good Lord is listening to my prayers – He had always been and forever will be. Though there are hardships, I have a big feeling – no, I know that He is always with me and I am guided by His loving hand.

The power of words.. *u*

Thank you so much team!

Because I was so excited for receiving the Star Performer award, I kindly asked Pearl to take a picture of me. Hahaha. This may never happen again, so I’ll take the chance. *u* No violent reactions, please. Hahahaha.

And tomorrow, we’re going skating. I’m so excited. 😀

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