The Universe and all there is within

It’s just amazing how God made the universe. I wonder if human life is indeed present in other planets. After all, the universe is a vast space and only 1% of it has been explored and discovered. Though of course the Bible doesn’t say anything about people on other planet except Earth, I still ponder on the ridiculous thought.

I once watched a Korean movie and I remembered what the actor said, it was something like if we can’t find our soulmates here on Earth, then we are aliens and our soulmates are on the other planets where humanity is present.. because finding our soulmates would mean ‘home’.

I’d like to post a question wherein you answer me truthfully and frankly.

#1 Do you ever believe in soulmates?

#2 Do you believe that there is one created for you?

#3 Yes or no, leave a clever response.

What’s the catch? A house and lot.. in Farmville! Kidding aside, I’d just really like to know what you think of the word ‘soul mate’, and if you think you have met yours, share your story why you think she/he’s the one. Yeah, I think that’s about it. By the way, I like my entry title. Reminds me of something I cannot remember at all. There’s just… something to it I can’t really pinpoint. Hmmm.


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  1. Maye says:

    Nice thought, Kim. 😉

    I’m quite a skeptic when it comes to the idea of soul mates and destiny. It’s just that so many people die alone and more end up with a totally mismatched person. I go with life thinking that if soulmates were real, then why do so many people not get to meet theirs? Even those married now may not be as happy as they were before. That probably doesn’t mean that there is another person out there for you (aka your real soul mate), it could be because both of you have done either something to mess up your relationship or nothing to keep the love going.

    I guess for me it’s about love and the decisions both of you make. Not because you were or were not “meant to be”. I think I met the one for me though I still don’t think he is my soul mate. We’re just really great for each other. And I guess the reason why we still haven’t proven the existence of aliens is because God forbids we mate with one that’s not our kind. :))

  2. H.J. Sabio says:

    Hi Kim kmsta? 🙂

    by the way, I’d like to guess something I think for me is clear. hehe

    First, #1 Do you ever believe in soulmates? – Yes, as I believed in the existence of human soul (even Socrates did); so if you are a human being inhabited by a soul, there’s definitely a soul who would want to spend his entire life to be your mate despite and in spite of.

    #2 Do you believe that there is one created for you? Again, yes, for I believe in God, which our future He has already planned even before we were born. Soul mate – predetermined by God as a lifetime partner; a partner who will stand firm when you’re not and finding if not all but to the least means he could in order to complement what you lack. A partner who will live for you no matter what you are, who you were, what you have become in your journey in finding/waiting for him, and what you will be in the future. If you have faith in Him, then why doubt? 🙂

    #3 Yes or no, leave a clever response. – Yes!. lol

    I believe it exist. :p

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