You are what you think of all day long.

I don’t want to think anymore that I am no programmer. I have to get over that phase and insert a new mentality that I can program and think logically. If I keep on thinking that I can never solve such calculations, such if else method, such loopings, I will never be able to do it. I have to try and do the best that I can before giving up.

Yesterday, I was able to finish a very simple script. It was just an ifelse method, but I had to do a research since I’m not very good in Unix. It took me two days to finish it (with tasks in between) while the previous intern did it in two hours. But I was glad to know that my programming skills were not deleted after all – they were just archived. Hahaha. I actually got the method after he explained it to me and I knew what I was gonna do with it. I was just having a hard time searching for the right unix codes. Yay me! I was so happy. :p I think I’ve already told you about this.

So yeah, I have to chant this. I AM A PROGRAMMER. (funny how this exact line makes me laugh so hard before, reminds me of someone hahahaha how ironic) I AM A PROGRAMMER. I AM A PROGRAMMER. I CAN THINK LOGICALLY. I CAN SOLVE CALCULATIONS. I AM A RETAIL EXPERT. I AM AN SME. I AM SMART. I AM THE BEST. I AM GUIDED BY HIM. 🙂

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