Why, hello September!

I don’t know if I should be happy or sad to say I didn’t do anything today – in other words, I feel useless in my project. I have to step up to my game though and put my best foot forward. This is competition, a friendly one. If I just sit there and do nothing, I won’t accomplish anything. I won’t learn anything. I won’t know the how tos, the dos and the donts. And yet at the same time, I’m scared of playing around with the environments since I’m not really confident with my unix skills. Monday dear, Monday. Game on.

Blue moon today and the sky is bright and clear. Last time we had a blue moon, it was 2010. Obviously, it rarely happens that’s why we have a saying, “Once in a blue moon”. Nope, I have never seen it. I was inside the CCF building enjoying and having fun meeting new people and learning about waiting for God’s best. I’m so glad Nang Stif invited me and I agreed to come. I met a whole new bunch of people, learned a lot with regards to marriage and choosing the right partner, ate good food and even brought some stuffs home as prizes (thanks Nang Stif for winning the prizes and giving it to me, haha!).

Aryt, yesterday.. we had our all hands meeting – more like a yearender party for the project since another fiscal year starts today. We had donuts, Shakeys meal and Del Monte juice while the other project on another hall was eating in buffet. WHAT. It wasn’t really the year-ender party I was expecting, but it was awesome to see new yet familiar faces.. I mean, those people you bump in the hallway are actually from the same project, so weird. Anyway, it really got super interesting when they presented the videos for the project’s video contest. Laughtrip!

So yeah, it prolly sums up my week. I feel so glad and relaxed today. I might see some friends tomorrow and eat somewhere nice. Or get myself a foot spa since my feet are screaming for one.. oh I miss life in my mom’s abode and expenses, hahaha. We used to get salt scrub and massage twice a month.. and I also get to have manicure/pedicure every week and eyelash perming every 3 months. I was well-maintained. Lol. Now, I have to rely on my St. Yves for ‘face enhancing’ and Watsons peppermint whatever for my foot spa.

Starting September pay, I’ll set aside some cash as my saving and stop eating out and going somewhere. I MUST SAVE! It’s almost December..then I will splurge myself some what-nots. Have a happy September, may the odds be ever in your favor!

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