5 Donts after a Breakup

#1 Do not make food as your bestfriend

It’s okay to eat, but don’t eat every single hour just because you’re heartbroken. Avoid eating ice creams, chocolates, and anything you think is good for you and will make you feel better. This is the best time to get in shape and make your ex realize that breaking up with you should have been the last thing on his mind.

#2 Do not badmouth

It’s okay to talk about him and all his dirty little secrets with your closest friends, but avoid talking things about the two of you with every other people you meet in the hallway – especially all the bad things. Imagine if one day, you heard something about you being a bitch and all from other human beings. It’s not just right.

#3 Do not remove him from your Facebook

Moving on is hard, and you’ll probably check his Facebook once in a while. Maybe even after you’ve moved on. Don’t you think it would just be awkward if you add him again? That would be bad when he’s got a new girlfriend. Adding him up again might create a potential ‘break up’ reason to his new one. You don’t want that, unless of course you wanted revenge. If you can’t stop yourself from snooping at his Facebook page, try deactivating yourself. But do not remove him.

#4 Do not beg

Never ever do this. Don’t go the extra mile trying to win him back. You broke up for a reason, think about it. Do not desperately walk up to him and ask him to get back with you. That’s the last thing you can do. You are a beautiful, smart and all things eye-candy woman. This might sound cliche, but there are so many fishes in the sea. After you let go of one, you can find another. You don’t need to catch it again. So please, do not ever beg. Let him come back to you on his own. You save a whole lot of dignity there.

#5 Do not dwell on the past

The future is bright. There is hope. If you think going to that restaurant reminds you of him, do not back out. It’s time to create new and beautiful memories with those places, things and activities. That’s just a phase you’re trying to outgrow. One day, after another breakup, you’ll go through that again, and it will be lesser pain.


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  1. The Opulent Pilgrim says:

    Hahaha! Winner!

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