Some things just change when you’re working

So here’s what, you’ve graduated from college, you’ve spent your summer chillin and bummin’ around, you’ve been going to beaches and parties, you’ve been drinking with friends, eating your mom’s groceries all week through, you’ve been sleeping at 4AM, you’ve been playing online or (worse) facebook games all night through, you’ve been waking up at noon like 12-1PM, and then you suddenly received a call that you’ve been hired and you’ll be starting your work the next Monday. What do you do?

You start calling or telling everyone that you got a work and you’ll be leaving your hometown for the city in the next few days. You fix your things, take all your papers with you, talk to your mom about your salary and your ~*budget money*~,  contact anyone whom you can stay with, and then you’re on a plane looking out on the window mustering courage to your new journey.

Yes, and when you get to the city, you settle in, unpack your things, buy groceries, plan your daily budget till your first salary, buy stuffs for your apartment, get to know your housemates, call your folks that you’re fine and you’ll be fine, and report to your office the next morning.

But what do you do the night before that “next morning”? This is the probably the first change. You fix your clothes, probably iron it and everything, prepare your shoes and bag, sleep early thinking you have to wake up 2-3 hours before your call time.

The next morning, you wake up at the sound of your cellphone’s annoying alarm sound, jump from your bed, go straight to the shower, turn it on, put on your clothes, do some make up or fix your hair, take a deep breath, then march to the corporate jungle.

Then you realize you’ve been doing that whole thing for the whole week, then you think your lifestyle has changed. You sleep and wake up early, you don’t hesitate to turn on the shower, you don’t eat breakfast (you are lucky if you do), you buy food for your lunch and dinner, and you budget your money every single day so you can save and have some kaching for the next 15 days of your life.

When before, all you do is sit around, receive money from your folks, eat their food, watch tv, turn on the A/C and all those stuffs you do back in the summer without a care in the world. And then you suddenly miss all of that, wishing you can go back, for just one day, but then you realize earning your own money is better and the thought of promotion is heaven.

After thinking of all those things, you fix your bed, lie down and sleep early. And it goes on for the next 40 years of your life. How amusing.

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  1. Stifany says:

    haha… way to go kim! 40 years gid ya? hehehe….

  2. hahaha. so true. can really relate but im with my parents pa so not totally same situation as yours. laughed at your last line that we’ll be doing this for the next 40 years. that’s life :))

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