Technology Month 2012 : Accenture Way

July is Tech Month for Accenture and as ‘bench’ people, we decided to volunteer as ushers for the said event held in Edsa Shangri-la. Truth to be told, I really like these kinds of events and I love being a part of its success. So when opportunity came in disguise of a job jar email, I hurriedly replied YES and gladly, I was accepted.

I felt like I was a Masscom student, saying hi to people and giving them instructions as we were posted on the registration area. We also wore the same outfits – white blouse and black suit in high heels.

We had a buffet at Edsa Shangri-La, good for 1000 people and we were able to dine and wine with our friends. It felt like high school prom, with us wearing simple suits and the boys assisting us with our tables and everything.

The tech summit basically was just like a club fair in school and universities. Different capabilities were shown and each had their own gimmick. We had a lot of freebies, c/o Chris, Hottie and another Chris since we couldn’t leave our post, we gave them our raffle tickets.

We also had the grand finals of the tech whiz and we saw two of the execs in the said event. I was really thankful that I took the job jar rather than just be a spectator in the sideways.

Also, I will forever miss these people – the Oracle people. For my two weeks stint in the bench, I have gotten close to them and I don’t know if they feel the same way, but I felt like I belonged to the greatest capability in Accenture. We were like a family and we always had fun, whether at work or extra-curricular activities. They were a great bunch of people and I will always be thankful that in my life, I have met and became one of them.

It was my first tech month in Accenture, and I’m very glad that it was really special. Till next year!

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